Husky safaris


Husky Safaris

Welcome to a husky safari with our lovely Siberian huskies. We have a small home kennel with 13 huskies and two Finnish Lapphunds. The booked tour starts from the home kennel of the huskies in Kangosjärvi, 20km south from Muonio village center. You can get there by driving or by taxi. You will need warm clothes and adventurous spirit. Book a tour that suits you and your entourage. You can choose whether to sit in a sledge or steer the sled dogs. The temperature limit for our tours is -25 degrees Celsius (-13F). If you cannot find a suitable tour for yourself, contact us and let's see how we can accommodate you best. The safari guide is experienced wilderness guide Milla Alatalo, and sometimes her son, Iidar, acts as an assistant guide.

Call and book a sled dog tour +358 40 5221539 or

Sarek's wonder forest

Sarek's wonder forest is a full day trip. You get to experience the speed of a sled dogs by riding your own sled dog team in the magnificent landscape of Kangosjärvi-lake. During the ride, we stop for an open fire lunch. We'll ride 30-45 km depending on the weather conditions. The ride takes 4-5 hours and is designed for maximum of two people. This tour can be booked from February untill the end of March 320€/person

Saana's Adventure

Saana's Adventure is our most popular activity. We take you for an adventure on the frozen lake of Kangosjärvi and the surrounding woods. The tour is about 20 km. You can choose whether you want to ride your own sledge pulled by the sled dogs or take turns sitting in the sledge and riding with a friend. The ride takes about 2,5 hours and is designed for maximum of 3-4 people. 200 €/person.

Staalo's long sprint

Staalo's long sprint takes you on 8 km ride on the frozen Kangosjärvi-lake and surrounding woods. This tour is perfectly suited for a family with kids. Kids will sit in a sledge pulled by sled dogs and ridden by the guide or parents. The adults will ride their own sled dogs or sit in a sledge driven by their company. This ride takes about 1-1,5 h and is suited for maximum of 2 adults and 2 children or for 3-4 adults. 120€/person.

Skaidi's sprint

Skaidi's sprint lets you experience the joy of sled dog ride. We will ride about 5 km on the frozen lake of Kangosjärvi. This tour is especially suited for families with kids. The tour takes is designed for max 2 adults and 2 -3 children or for 4 adults. 95e/person

Snow White's nature experience

Come with us to find the beautiful northern lights! As the night darkens, we get the huskies ready and head out into the wilderness. You can ride the sled dogs yourself or share the joy of riding with a friend. The ride begins at 7 pm or later. You can book this also as a daytime activity and ride in daylight. We ride 17km and the activity is designed for maximum of 3 people. 170€/person.